Helen Burgess is a heart-stirring singer/songwriter living in the UK. Her new release, "Welcome of Heaven", produced by highly acclaimed Producer Kevin Prosch, is sure to touch many hearts far and wide. One song has been used in the award-winning movie "The Perfect Wave". And while listening to this CD, Martin Smith of Delirious? remarked, "Checking these tracks out! Feels fantastic."

Helen’s journey in live and recorded music is not insignificant, spanning 30 years. She is an accomplished musician, vocalist and songwriter, and has been blessed to enjoy many enviable opportunities in music, including performing in the West End, recording in numerous professional studios, and invitations beyond the UK.

But far more precious to her, is a steadfast appreciation of life... of our Loving Creator, the gift of "koinonia", and of the inner heart of each friend, old or new, who lends an ear to listen to her songs. Her continuing passion is to find "songs for the heart" – songs born of Heaven, carried by angels, and destined to resound, timelessly, in the garden of the soul, calling forth untold Beauty. Stories of her music’s impact on people’s lives is a wonderful testament to this.
Welcome of Heaven | The debut album from Helen Burgess | Produced by Kevin Prosch

Welcome of Heaven

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The brand new debut album from Helen Burgess

Helen’s new CD "Welcome of Heaven" is available for order!!

Five years ago, the dream of this CD began, birthed during a conversation in Harrisburg, PA, USA! The heart of the Kindest Father Ever was opening up the way for a true miracle - spectacular, and beyond all expectations! In reality, the dream can be traced back many more years earlier, when the same Father spoke in the sweetest of tones, in the middle of an afternoon bike ride through the quiet English countryside... "Trust me.... and I will make everything beautiful in its time."

This long-awaited CD is a triumph of faith, hope, love and great grace. The songs are all original, with world-class musicians accompanying Helen. Produced by highly acclaimed producer, singer-songwriter, master musician Kevin Prosch, it’s a rich sonic experience! You won’t be disappointed!

Listen to the tracks here! CD available now - order on this website! Also, soon to be available for MP3 download on iTunes.