Helen Burgess

Hi - I'm going to tell you a bit about me, if that's ok with you!

My musical journey began in my childhood...
With loving parents who appreciated the value of music, I was really blessed with the opportunity to learn the piano and cello (and the joys of playing in a youth orchestra). After some years though, I discovered the seemingly more attractive option of joining a school rock band, picking up the electric guitar! And not long after that (almost by accident, it seemed), I discovered I could play along quite effortlessly with a bass guitar. The new joys of being in a band were beginning to present quite a distraction to my schoolwork! At this stage, I had no idea I would eventually find my own singing voice too...
While taking a "gap year" from education, I joined a local project, reaching youth with a positive life message that was presented through creative arts - music, drama, dance and story. It was during those months that I began to sing backing vocals, and also to learn the compelling beauty of reaching out to hearts through song.

Unaware of the journey that would unfold, I made plans to go back to school... but Divine Destiny was bidding me to take an unexpected turn in the path.
I never went back to further my education, as I had expected to... but an education of a different kind lay ahead...

Musical opportunities began to open up, and with this season, there were many exciting (and sometimes rare) moments to be enjoyed. And the "journey of the music" was the big deal!!
I had great friends, a life in music that I loved, and all was well!

In those early years, my experience in the music was broadening - I worked with bands, enjoyed some song-writing and arranging, performed up and down the UK, and recorded music too. I was happily singing backing vocals, when, one day, my fellow band members began to talk about getting me to sing the lead vocal! - I was quite shocked! But as I was coerced towards the front of the stage, and with some rehearsal time to help me, I began to gain confidence, and gradually my voice strengthened. Delightfully, and surprisingly, I ended up becoming the lead singer of a band, while playing bass! (much to the fascination of the crowds!). And eventually I was known more for my singing voice than for anything else!
Off-stage, I also pursued my own song-writing and potential for solo work, learning the acoustic guitar.

Helen Burgess playing guitar

There were great moments, with big crowds in prominent venues, and there were more humble moments, in unknown places. There were many people talking of "making it big", recording my own CDs, going to Nashville, etc! - and there were several significant opportunities that did come along, but a deep sense of waiting held me back. In hindsight, it was Great Grace that saw to the timing of the seasons of my soul, preventing premature success from spoiling the heart that was not ready.

And so, Grace saw to it that the "music journey" bowed to the far deeper "journey of the heart", which needed to take it's rightful place, before a truer, brighter "shining" might one day come.
(One of the meanings of my name is, "bright, shining light".)

In the following years, the most profound experience at the heart level was my ongoing discovery of Eternal Love as a reality, which brought the greatest meaning and purpose to my life, especially through difficult times. In fact, all other reasons to be alive paled into the background, as I found I was being bombarded with more and more Extravagant Love, poured into my heart from Heaven, especially in the midst of some real heartache - Creator God was touching the created one, His treasured one! - and True Completeness was being offered to me!
Whispers of the Highest and Deepest Love were echoing throughout my innermost being.
Promises from ages past were being stirred within, as the Pure, Faithful One would not let go of me - my heart, my life and my destiny were in His strong hands!
And, on many occasions, our Faithful God chose His people to be the conduits of His rescuing love. I couldn't have done it without these precious people - thank you!...

So, while life's trials attempted to steal my future, Grace stepped in, and my story became even more a story, not of my own making or design, but of the One Who is Love - who loves and favours me beyond words, and had a perfect plan for me that was laid out before I was even born!
My songs became the reflection of that story, as "deep called unto deep" at the sound of Heaven's waterfalls of love.

Today, with prophecies over my life still as precious as on the day when they were uttered, my passions continue to be fueled by extravagant graces from realms of glory, through my faith in God. And my destiny appears to be emerging as I simply learn to reach into the heart of God in song, to find the One Who is Altogether Lovely - and to bring songs of this love to the hearts of friends, both old and new, near and far.

I am convinced that the sweetest songs can be found within each soul - that everyone has a song to sing! - and that these songs are precious jewels to be discovered!
To sing your own song, to find your own voice from deep within, is truly wonderful and so freeing!!
To hear the heartbeat of Heaven as our Father God sings over us, is all we have ever needed!

Joyful times together!
Joyful times together!

I love to find my own heart and others' hearts joined together in unity, and completely free in expressing real adoration and love for God through music, song, dance, creativity, etc... where friends gathered can ride the Heavenly winds of the Spirit, sing with angels, capture God's heart, find real love, joy and peace, encounter God deeply in continual new life by hearing His voice, and seeing His face, as He delights in us...

We meet regularly - friends who share the same longing to know God - sometimes in large gatherings, sometimes in small intimate home settings - and I love it when all leave having met with God!

These encounters are a foretaste of the Eternity that we long for, the City of Gold that is to come - the place we call "Home" - for the day will surely come when we are present with the Lord forever, surrounded by His Pure Light, in unspeakable joy and pleasure, drinking from the River of His Delights, which will never cease to flow from His Throne. Our ultimate and greatest destiny is to be "One with God" - completely in Him and with Him, enjoying Him forever - knowing He made us for love, and loves us perfectly, and that our love for Him, in response, steals His heart! - We'll taste all of Heaven's joys in that City... and we can taste them in this life too!

My Inuit friends
Some of my Inuit friends

I long for many hearts (starting with mine!) to be touched and deeply healed through these encounters - in the UK, and across the nations. I have met many beautiful people over many years, but none have touched my heart quite like the Inuit people of Northern Canada have - I hope to visit them again one day. I pray with all my heart that my songs, my simple offering, will carry the very presence of God, as He calls to each of you who are listening, and He says, "Welcome Home in my Heart". And this is the Good News - the open doorway of welcome into Heaven is God's Son, Yeshua, Jesus Christ. God offers complete forgiveness and eternal purity to every heart that believes and trusts in His Son!

To discover more about a real relationship with God, I highly recommend that you visit: where you can find out more about Eternity and God's all-consuming Love for us, through my friend Ian McCormack, who had a verified "death experience" (being dead for 15-20 minutes), met Jesus, and then came back to life to tell the story.

Like to ride
Like to Ride
Helen Burgess in the snow

A great delight has been to encourage young people in their own songs, and music recordings, over the years. I love to encourage people to overcome their fears and find their own voice, hear their own song, pick up an instrument to try it!
And I love to explore the use of sound, which can add so much when we enter into Heavenly realms in the Spirit, helping to escort the heart in, to hear and see the things of God.

My music has been influenced by several great musicians and singer-songwriters over the years. These ones have particularly influenced my own style and heart for song - Don Potter, Kevin Prosch, Suzy Wills Yaraei, Misty Edwards, Jason Upton, Delirious? (early days), Rita Springer, John Mark & Sarah McMillan, Kim Walker and Jesus Culture band, Rick Pino, Jonathan David Helser, some of the IHOP, KC, musicians and Eva Cassidy, among others.

I also love evocative movie soundtracks such as "The Mission" by Ennio Morricone, and "The Passion of the Christ". My all-time favourite CD could well be "Sh'ma Yisrael" by Barry and Batya Segal.

Canada, I miss you!
Canada, I miss you!

I love the countryside, especially walking with my mum and dad! Other joys include sunshine and blue skies, beach holidays, water sports (when its warm!), snowboarding (very amateur) and all forms of playing in the snow (when I'm not wet and cold!), bike riding, hill walking, camping, reading, listening to the bird songs, good coffee!, great friends, my great family, hearing friends share their hearts and praying for each other, the occasional Indian Curry, jamming with friends, singing backing vocals, recording music, "dreaming big" with God and with friends who have loads of faith, photography, and some other things!
I also hope to have a dog one day, recalling many happy childhood memories with our family dog!

I try to live simply, and I want to learn more about loving Jesus and loving others...oh, and loving myself as God loves me!!