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Welcome of Heaven | The debut album from Helen Burgess | Produced by Kevin Prosch

Welcome of Heaven

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The brand new debut album from Helen Burgess


Welcome of Heaven
First Star
Healing Love
We Stand Forgiven
Invade Me
Heaven's Side of the Story
River of Living Water
Awakened Love

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Welcome of Heaven

...angels gather her... Somehow You take us as Your own. The wonder, we stand before Your Holy Throne. Somehow we're dressed in robes of pure white. The Glory, we're surrounded by Your light - and we're welcome here! No shame! Perfect Love in this place... You've opened Heaven's Doors to us to search out Your treasure storehouse. You've opened up our hearts to see the wonders of this grace so free - Take us into the mysteries...

Somehow our two hearts become as one. This wonder, now the knowing has begun. Somehow You love to see our face. The wonders, our voice is sweet in Your embrace. Oh, there's no shame, hey... Perfect Love in this place... Perfect Love, wave after wave...

We've come to Mount Zion, to the City of the Living God. To the Heavenly Jerusalem and multitudes of angels. To the general assembly, to the festive gathering. The church of the firstborn - citizens, citizens of Heaven. The spirits of just men made righteous, redeemed and made perfect. To God the Judge of all and Jesus Christ, the covenant. To the blood of sprinkling that speaks so much better than the blood of Abel - more gracious, more noble...

...we've come to Mount Zion...

We've found the Welcome of Heaven! Welcome Home in Your heart!

First Star

True worship... Simple devotion to the One Who loves me like no other, no other lover. Oh to minister to You - to come, bow down, drawing near to wash Your feet, kiss Your heart. You're so worthy, worthy of this loving, living, given heart - my life, my all, the least I could give. Teach us to love You more - show us the light, the light of the dawn of our First Love - Awaken!

First Love born of First Love like the First Star of the Dawning Day - Take us away!

I hear Your name, Desire of the Nations, Light of Life for every soul, from every tribe & tongue. I read of You, Radiant Blazing Sunshine of Heaven, Lamb that was slain - come to my heart again, I long for You. You are every breath I breathe, You are the light and life inside of me, my heart desires Your presence. Teach me to love You more - show me the light, the light of the dawn of my First Love - Awaken!

Oh how to love You more... be my All in all

Don't let the flames grow dim, don't let the fire grow cold. Place the living flame of burning passion deep down in my soul. Don't let the flames grow dim, don't let the fire grow cold. Place the living coals of burning love on the altar of my soul. Let the oil of loving flow, Spirit of God burn on and on - this lamp within my soul. Can I be one that gazes, can I be one that blazes Can I be one that captures Your heart, O Lord.… with my humble, hopeful love?

Show me Your eyes of love, O Lord. Show me ocean deep, covenant of blood. Jesus hold my gaze. You first loved me, so I love You (Messiah)

Healing Love

For every broken heart there is a Healing Love. For every wounded soul there is a Healing Touch. For every broken home there is a Hope from Heaven. For every life that's crushed, here is the Saviour's Hand

For every searching soul there is a Light that shines. For every lonely road there is a Friend to find. For every broken vow there is a Faithful promise. Through all the shattered dreams His love becomes the prize!

The Lord, the King of Love - He is with you! The King of Love - He is here! The Lord, the King of Love - He is with you! The King of all Love - He is here! He is near!

My friend with broken heart, here is the Healing Love. My friend with wounded soul, here is the Healing Touch. And just when all seems lost, here is the Hope from Heaven. Come, tho' bruised and crushed, here is the Saviour's Hand

"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you. And when you walk through the fire, you will not be burned. For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, and I am with you. You are precious in my sight, you are honoured and I love you - don't be afraid."
(from Isaiah 43:2-4)

Through the storm, through the wind and through the rain, I'm with you, I'm with you. I will not leave you, I'm holding you, carrying you through - through the stormy seas, through the fire, I'm with you, I'm with you, I am with you.

We Stand Forgiven

Deep Love of all loves, the mystery unfolds. Heaven's pure Heart of Love bears the sin of the world. Greatest Song ever sung from age to eternity, ringing out around Your Throne - Love Song to rescue me!

Great King of all kings, weeping with the lost, while all Heaven sings the wonders of the cross. And Royal Blood did pour from Your head, Your hands, Your feet, for the joy and great reward of our hearts eternally free!

Winning our hearts to Your's, bringing us back to God! Sharing Your joy forever!

We stand forgiven - Grace and Mercy call our names. We stand forgiven - all our shame washed away. We stand forgiven - Heaven's joys, ours to taste. We stand forgiven - by this Holy King Who took our place when He gave His heart away - grace upon grace!

Most tender of hearts, Saviour You long for me. You whisper my name, my heart is redeemed. Angels long to see the mystery of this romance that wins a "Bride-to-be" from those who had no chance.

Our eyes have not seen, our ears have never heard the wonders and glories on the Wedding Day of the Lord. Our hearts made purest white, we're brought into You, our King, to share in Your delight, the sweetest song we'll sing...

Who is this King of Glory dying for us? He gives His life-blood - what kind of love? Take us to see...

Who is this King ascending the hill, blood-stained and beaten, loving us still, our own Creator nailed to a tree, eyes full of love, gazing at me? The thunders of Grace now pierce my soul. The cry, "It is Finished" and I am made whole. Spilling Your precious Blood for me - so I could be free!


King of all Grace, Star-breathing One, with eyes all ablaze like a thousand bright suns. One glimpse of Your gaze, and we are undone. You look for our face, You call us to come to You!

Invade Me

All my goodness comes from You - mercy, kindness, forgiving too! All that holds my gaze upon You is Your mercy - endless, loving pursuit.

I know I'd be nothing without Your Love flowing inside me, You're in my blood! Daily I'm needing graces You have for me, riches of Glory here in Your treasury, Your heart for me!

You seek me out and draw me in - consume me oh Lord with whispers of Heaven's joys again - my true glory - here it is...

Make me like You Jesus. Shape me into Your image - Living Beauty within me. Invade me, Holy Love of Heaven. Jesus, be my heart's True Vision. I'm Alive!

Graced with desire to gaze upon Your light - revelation, fire - You blaze so bright! One great story, living in love with You, carrying Your glory presence, fragrance of You!

You seek us out and draw us in - pursue us oh God with glimpses of Heaven's joys again - our true glory - here it is...

Make us like You Jesus, sharing Your True Image - Radiant Beauty within us. Invade us, Holy Love of Heaven. Jesus, be our hearts' True Vision.

With One True Call we give our all just to be transformed and to shine like the stars, Your glory all over us!

Invade us, Holy Love, invade our hearts. Oh the glory, we're longing to share in Your loving heart - the treasure of being where You are, Jesus

Love to the loveless shown, here is a lonely homeless man. The stranger needs a home. The sick one needs a helping hand. The hopeless man needs some hope and a future plan. The cry for justice is in Your ears. Heaven is flooded with the tears of the broken ones. The heartbeat of Heaven is in our ears. With Your love inside, we will give, we will give Your love away - winning Your bride, bringing more lovers from Your side.

Heaven's Side of the Story

Can a beggar be crowned a prince in the courtroom of the King? Can a poor girl come and freely drink of the Love that makes her a Queen? Can a guilty one go free, from such weight of debt be released? And heart that drove in nails and thorns be ransomed and restored... with beauty adorned?

Eternal Love – the other side of the story. Eternal Love – turns the dust into glory. My Saviour's Love – Heaven's beautiful mystery. You will open the doors of Heaven and show us all Heaven's side of the story!

Can my heart begin anew and my failure turn to good? What kind of glory comes from shame? Is beauty birthed through my pain? Can this dust be turned to gold and my story's end be re-told? Can the last become the first of all - the most treasured of all souls? - the most beautiful?

Can the wise be truly fooled and the rich most lost of all souls? And the world's despised, the apple of His eye – the glorious children of God?! For the King of Heaven will come – not to proud but humble of heart, and take us away to a Glorious Place where all our hopes, once lost, are redeemed at a cross! - beautiful!

River of Living Water

River of Living Water. If you are thirsty come to Him and drink! If you believe Him you'll never thirst again! River of Living Water. If you are hungry come to Him and eat! Take of this Manna, you will not grow weak! Jesus the Bread of Life! Jesus the Bread of Life!

"Feed on Me and live. Eat of Me and you will not die. I am the Living Bread come down from Heaven. The bread I give is My flesh, sacrificed for the life of the world. He who eats this bread will live forever."

Unless you eat, unless you drink, you have no life in you at all. Unless we eat of Him, unless we drink of Him, we have no life at all.

I want to drink at the Fountain of Life. I want to drink of Jesus Christ. I want to eat at the Table of Life. I want to taste of Jesus! I wanna live and not die! I wanna live, I wanna live, I wanna live and not die!

Awakened Love

Oh what a sight, he waits for his bride, deep, deep love in his eyes. Purest delight, she'll stand by his side, the Promise of One True Love for life.

Bright as the sun, she appears like the dawn, every heart in wonder as she comes. She's radiant with love, her heart overcome, laying down her all for her chosen one!

She has seen the ring on her finger. She can taste the wine of His love. She already feels her hand safely in His - Here she comes...oh, she's ready for love!

Awakened Love for now the time has come. How sweet this love, forever they will run. Side by side and hand in hand, their gaze on the Son - Awakened Love has come!

Oh what a sight, You wait for Your bride, Jesus, deep, deep love in Your eyes. Purest delight, we'll stand by Your side, the Promise of One True Love for life.

Bright as the sun, we'll appear as the dawn, every heart in wonder as we come. We're radiant with love, our hearts overcome, laying down our crowns for our Chosen One!

We have seen the ring on our finger. We can taste the wine of Your love. We already feel our hand safely in Your's - Here we come... oh, we're ready for love!

Awakened Love for now the time has come. How sweet this love, forever we will run. Side by side and hand in hand, our gaze has become one - Awakened Love has come!

We will be one heart!